Interior Renovations—Two Unique Floor Ideas

One way to make a dramatic change to your home is to do renovations to your floor, but it can be an expensive project. If you have a budget, interior renovations NJ suggest that you think outside the box. Using any of these ideas can help to save you money. These ideas are stylish and budget-friendly.

Use color to add spice to hardwood floors

Yes, these are traditional floors found in most homes but using a bit of hard work residential renovations NJ say that you can turn your plain hardwood floors into spectacular ones. This idea does not require the homeowner to install new materials.

• Give those plain hardwood floors a color wash. When you use one part paint and one part water, you can give those floors a great fresh look that is beyond the traditional staining ideas. When using the one part method it thins the paint down just enough not to be too runny and let the wood grain of the hardwood floor to show through according to interior renovations NJ. The result is that it looks like a stain and not just paint on the floor.

Before doing the entire area find a piece of hardwood or some type of wood that you can try it on to see how it would look and if you can see enough of the stain. If the stain does not show enough you may have to add just a little more water. The homeowner can do this or hire a contractor.

• A patterned effect can be created by using dual stains. You will need to sand and then stain the hardwood floors with two different stains. This will create an interesting diamond tile pattern. It is a great idea for the kitchen floor.

• You can also use alternating hues on planks two or three at a time to create a striped effect.

Use money to save money

A suggestion from residential renovations NJ is to take pennies that you have saved to give you a unique floor design. It is important to know that this can be a very time consuming project. If you decide to use this idea, make sure that the pennies used are clean and shine brightly. Glue the pennies to the hardwood floor, filling in the spaces between the pennies with black grout. Once you have all the pennies glued down you will need to seal your hardwood flooring with a clear coat of varnish. Because this is a time consuming project it is best if used in a small area such as the entrance way or part of a bigger room, such as the middle of the floor. If you have any foreign money strategically place them among the pennies.

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